Electoral and Party Politics

Electoral and Party Politics is a hot issue with the upcoming referendum for adopting the Alternative Vote dividing opinions within UK political parties and the general public. The UK is increasingly moving away from a two-party dominated Westminster model toward becoming a standard European liberal democracy with a full range of parties, running from the Greens on the left to well-supported anti-foreigner parties on the right. Our research on voters' preferences and motivations in the 2004 London elections and forthcoming research projects can help inform the debate.


In June 2004 citizens voting in London had the chance to cast five simultaneous preferences. As in May 2000, the GLA Mayor and Assembly elections allowed voters to simultaneously register up to four preferences, to differentiate between their evaluations of mayoral candidates and political parties and to signal complex preference structures to politicians. And on the same day in the 2004 European elections Londoners had the additional choice of candidates to represent them in the European Parliament.

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