Citizen Redress

Citizen Redress denotes all the administrative mechanisms that allow citizens to seek remedies for what they perceive to be poor treatment, mistakes, faults or injustices in their dealings with central government departments or agencies. The internet provides an opportunity for agencies to move redress arrangements online but issues around web access, the individual needs of different social groups and citizen input must be addressed.


A joint team from the Department of Government at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford have been awarded a grant from the Nuffield Foundation under their 'Access to Justice' research programme.


logo-National Audit Office

We were commissioned by the UK National Audit Office to produce a value for money report on the range and scale of redress options for citizens when things go wrong with public services. This report looks at redress across government as a whole, and covers the handling of administrative complaints, appeals, tribunals, Ombudsmen services, and compensation arrangements.

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